Trying to help fill a dying wish for a friend

Date Granted:
July 21, 2012
Suffolk, Virginia

A friend posted a wish for her husband Craig,who is dying from stage 4 colon cancer. His cancer has reached a stage where there is minimal treatment that doctors can do for him. Craig's last wish is to see his "hero" and "idol" Gene Simmons from KISS.  The band was coming to town in Virginia Beach in July on the 21st. Tickets and a backstage pass for a meet and greet with Gene was very expensive and a wish was posted to help raise some funds to grant Craig's wish.  They needed $1,000 to make his wish come true.

One of our Wish Ambassador's tweeted out the wish to Shannon Tweed who is Gene's wife to see if they could help out. Not only did Shannon respond via Twitter she provided backstage passes and tickets to the upcoming concert.  Craig will be attending the concert and get his wish granted when he meets his hero Gene Simmons backstage.

Craig: "Hey tell Shannon and Gene again....thank You so much from me! It was truly something I will remember forever!"